ERP Tech Partners Fortifies Tech Leadership with ValidDatum Acquisition

DENVER, CO (December 13, 2023) ERP Technology Partners, a leader in enterprise software and digital transformation, is proud to announce its acquisition of ValidDatum, Inc. This strategic move drives straight to ERP Technology Partners' commitment to becoming a leader in the enterprise software market. Brian Potts, CEO of ERP Technology Partners, emphasizes the significance of this acquisition, stating, “The integration and application of ValidDatum’s cutting-edge technologies with our existing leadership in the enterprise application space will bring an unprecedented level of service execution and overall solution value to our clients.”

Incorporating a myriad of patented technologies and welcoming key resources, including ValidDatum's founder and globally renowned thought leader, Daryl Crockett, ERP Technology Partners is poised to revolutionize the landscape. As part of this acquisition, ValidDatum's CEO, Steve Saner, has agreed to become Chief Strategy Officer for ERP Technology Partners. In this role, Mr. Saner will architect the attainment the Company’s strategic vision of providing practical and innovative products and services that are currently absent in the market.

As part of the acquisition, ERP Technology Partners and ValidDatum are set to promptly roll out advanced data management services through its existing channels, introducing an integrated suite of products and services to a market ripe for a revolution in customer expectations and results.

“The opportunity to bring together the ‘A-Team’ of technology leaders and visionaries, along with ground-breaking technology, strategic vision, and ability to execute,” states Potts, “sits at the heart of ERP Technology Partner’s strategy to revolutionize digital transformation.”


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About ValidDatum

ValidDatum is a data management and security consultancy. Building on decades of collective experience in designing and implementing data management, privacy, security, certification and compliance, our team focuses on creating the future of data while helping you manage the today. We offer a range of services for enterprises, charities, and agencies of all sizes.

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